Donations: Thank You

Our Esports team is looking forward to competing in new events and we need equipment.

Please, make checks payable to Juarez Lincoln High School with Memo: E-Sports (403). Thank you for your donations.

Donations Suggested Amounts

$1: Thank you.

$10: Receive a thank you (8×10) photo supporting a student.

$20: Receive a thank you (11×14) photo supporting our group. See sample below.


Single Student or Group Example


Last Wednesday we had two elections; for historian and presidency. 

Historian was between Cynthia (me) and Miguel! It resulted in 3c-1m. The presidency was between Miguel (again) and Kaylee. The majority chose Kaylee as their leader. Here are the cool and amazing winners!

Esports Tournament (April 9th, 2022)

This was the third Esports tournament hosted by La Joya ISD. This time there were stations for Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros 2v2. CTG members competed and volunteered to help. Even if volunteering was not planned, each member stepped up and made our club proud. Team Alex^2 (Alejandro Hernandez, Alex Garcia) tied for 5th and Team Nook (Kaylee Delgado, Brian Gutierrez) won 2nd place in the secondary division.

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Team Nook



We interviewed a total of five people. All five were accepted pending their progress report cards. They seem to be fit for this type of club.



After not meeting up for a week, we decided to play icebreaker games to get to know each other. We played a game called Hot Seat. Someone sits in a chair that’s considered the “hot seat” and they get asked questions from the other players, whether they are simple or personal questions.

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